Here’s info on the second issue, now available through BOOM! Comics:

 Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers #02

 Writer: Ian Brill
Pencils: Leonel Castellani

 It’s the return of your favorite furry flatfoots in an all-new original ongoing series! When all the furry denizens in the four corners of the globe turn feral, it’s up to the world’s most daring diminutive detectives to solve the mystery. But will there be dissension in the team when they learn that one of the Rangers hold a secret about Gadget’s past that could unlock the entire case?

 Join DARKWING DUCK writer Ian Brill and MARVEL SUPERHERO SQUAD artist Leonel Castellani for part 2 of “Worldwide Rescue,” brought to you by BOOM! Studios and the Disney Afternoon Revolution!

 Another cover for the second issue (featuring Fat Cat):

 It looks like Boom! is not just pulling their source material from the series, but from the video games as well:

January 12, 2011 at 2:39 am by Ducky
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