Chip an’ Dale

A Walt Disney Donald Duck

chip an' dale

Release Date: November 28, 1947


Director: Jack Hannah
Animators: Bill Justice, Volus Jones, Murray McClellan, Jack Boyd
Story: Dick Kinney, Bob North
Music: Oliver Wallace
Layout: Yale Gracey
Background: Ralph Hullett
Distributed by: Buena Vista Distrubution Co., Inc.



Chip ‘n’ Dale

Donald Duck




In the cold chill of winter, Donald goes out to chop down some firewood. Unfortunately, his firewood happens to be Chip and Dale’s home.



This short was nominated for an Academy Award.


This is the first time Chip and Dale are referred to by name.


The scene showing Donald lighting the log on fire has been cut from some recent showings.



Some trivia from The Encyclopedia of Disney Animated Shorts


Chip an Dale concept art Chip an Dale concept art Chip an Dale Chip an Dale


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