Private Pluto

A Walt Disney Pluto

Private Pluto

Release Date: April 02, 1943
Distributed by: Buena Vista Distrubution Co., Inc.

*Production credits for this short are mostly unknown. The short itself did not contain any information on who was responsible for the direction, story, animation, music, or anything else beyond the distributor. A few sources give Direction credit to Clyde Geronimi, but it is unknown how accurate that information is



Chip ‘n’ Dale





Pluto is enlisted in the military and is given the task of guarding and protecting a pill-box gun. He’s in for a surprise when he discovers that the gun is being used as an all-in-one acorn storage facility and nutcracker by two crazy chipmunks who will later be known as Chip and Dale





    • This 1943 World War II propaganda (or moral boosting) film marked the first appearance of Chip and Dale in their most primative generic-chipmunk forms.


    • Most of the sped-up voice sound clips used in other Chip ‘n’ Dale shorts during the 40s were recycled from this film.


Click Here for a list of some of the common recycled lines that were used in the early Chip ‘n’ Dale cartoons. While kept at least somewhat in context for “Private Pluto,” as the sound clips continued to be reused for later films, the words eventually stopped having any association with what was happening on screen, perhaps under the assumption that the average audience couldn’t understand what the chipmunks were saying anyway


Private PlutoPrivate PlutoPrivate Pluto


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