Three For Breakfast
A Walt Disney Donald Duck


Release Date: November 5, 1948
Director: Jack Hannah
Animators: Bob Carlson, Bill Justice, Volus Jones, Dan McManus
Story:Nick George
Music: Oliver Wallace
Layout: Yale Gracey
Background: Thelma Witmer
Distributed by: Buena Vista Distrubution Co., Inc.



Chip ‘n’ Dale

Donald Duck


Donald’s pancakes smell like a better breakfast for Chip and Dale than acorns. Donald tries to slip them a cement pancake in return.

Episode summary and info from: The Encyclopedia of Disney Animated Shorts



There is a final scene showing Donald having gone through the stovepipe on the chimney and ending up as a Chinese stereotype. Dale then picks up a pancake and puts it on his head, mocking Donald with the same stereotype. This scene has been cut from current showings of this short, but is preserved on most home releases, including the recent Classic Cartoon Favorites: Starring Chip n Dale DVD.  (Available from the Chip ‘n’ Dale Online Amazon Store)
Two images from that final scene are included in the gallery for historical purposes and may be considered offensive to some viewers.



Three for Breakfast Chinese Dale

Three For Breakfast Image Gallery


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