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Thread: "Three For Breakfast" 16mm Print Repair

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    "Three For Breakfast" 16mm Print Repair

    I finally got my film rewinds and splicing station set up. There is something incredibly fascinating about handling real film. It's a tangible piece of art and history. Not only can I watch a Chip and Dale print from the 1950s, I can hold it in my hands. The real deal. I am very much an analog wolf. I absolutely love this stuff

    Unfortunately the previous owner didn't take the best care of their projector and the print suffered quite a bit of damage, so I had a lot of work to do.

    I am rewinding the film from right to left, allowing it to pass between my fingers as it goes. Any overt damage will be easy to detect by touch like torn perfs or bad splices.

    Here is a torn sprocket hole. The perfs are what guide the film through the projector. One or two tears here and there won't make it unplayable, but damage like this should be repaired before it gets any worse. A properly maintained projector won't tear up the film like this. If it is handled properly and run through a clean projector, one can get dozens of viewings out of a print without damage.

    This splicer also doubles as an alignment table for making repairs. Here, I am using 16mm Kodak presstapes to replace the torn perfs. These posts allow me to align the perfs (sprocket holes or perforations) of the film with that of the tape. I have pulled off half of the paper backing here, and will press it down with a rod to make sure the tape bonds well to the film. I then flip the film over to the backing side and repeat.

    A completed repair. The transparent tape won't noticeably affect the picture or sound as it's only across two frames of the film. Remember, film runs at 24 frames per second!
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