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    Lightbulb Schorhr's CDRR RPG

    I am working on a game. I started out years ago, trying to make a RPG / Point & Click type of adventure in Flash with sprites from Toni. I now wrote a little Javascript engine so you can walk in the rooms and do a little (look, turn on the TV). It's a work in progress, so expect changes once in a while.

    First game demo / Javascript testing
    Use Firefox 5 for good performance, still not optimized for Opera (somewhat works) and IE (untested)
    (should work now, due to lack of preloading you may need to wait or hit reload for everything to show correctly)

    Controls: Arrow keys, Space for looking at things and switching the TV on/off.

    (if you feel like helping, please do. I'm still learning...)

    Look at all the rooms:

    All older rooms and objects of the HQ (hopefully all recent versions) as layer psd or single png files (psd+png, 5,2mb) (only png, 2.5mb)

    (credit where credit is due; original character sprites by Nintendo and the awesome new characters and poses by Toni)


    Original post
    There is also a (more rare) sedcond version. The real game sells at ebay for a couple of bucks, while CDRR2 sells more expensive (but some people say the game itself is not as good as part one).

    In case any of you have missed it, I am working on a rpg using the old sprites (well, the modified & extended versions from Toni) and new ones (selfmade). Thanks to and Shredder's description of the ranger's headquarter the work is progressing pretty good so far, even though not as fast as I'dd like ;-)

    Work in progress. Coloring, Shading, Linework not final.

    Entrance ... alpha2.png
    Variant 2 ... riant2.png
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