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Rescue Ranger Fan Fic Reading 3000 - January 1, 2012 by Ducky
Now playing: A Mystery Science Theater 3000 style rolling commentary on bad Rescue Ranger fan fics… Head on over to the forums to participate.


mystery science theater 3000

Is that a naked mole rat?

[Forum Game] Mock Execrable Fanfic I
Concept: MST3K (or just plain mock line-by-line) the bad fanfic posted by the previous user. Find and post bad fanfic for the next person to mock.
In celebration of Autumn… - November 4, 2011 by Ducky

 In celebration of Autumn, we’ll be featuring Live2Dream’s entry from the 2010 Fall CnDOTC, simply titled “LEAVES!”


Have a happy and safe Fall season, everyone.  :)


September 2008 Featured Artist: Cornflake - June 24, 2011 by Ducky

CnDO Featured Artist Flashback

Chip ‘n’ Dale Online’s Featured Artist of September 2008 was: Cornflake!

Cornflake joined the Chip ‘n’ Dale Online community in July of 2008, immediately impressing us with a beautiful piece of art, which we like to refer to as: The Ladies.

Cornflake The Ladies

The full, high resolution version of the image as well as the rest of anything else Cornflake may share with us in the future is available for viewing in the Community Gallery.

Great work, Cornflake, and thank you for continuing to be such a valued member of this community.

Are you interested in having your artwork or stories featured here? Register now and start submitting your work to the Community Gallery. Posting regularly on the forums will also help get your work noticed.

Winter CnDOTC Winner: Nuts About Winter by t.s. - March 3, 2010 by Ducky

And now for the story that won the Winter 09 Chip ‘n’ Dale Online Talent Contest:

Nuts About Winter

by t.s.

Winter morning, the sun slowly rising over the horizon, wisps of smoke fluttering from the houses in the neighborhood bringing with them the woody aroma familiar to the season.  The crisp winter air would get your attention if not properly bundled up; an unfortunate fact soon realized by two chipmunks.


A draft blew in through the front hole in their tree and swirled about their home. Chip took little notice of it, merely burrowing further into his covers, but Dale, the one with the red nose, had tossed his aside in his sleep. His teeth buck teeth chattered involuntarily as he reached in vain for the missing covers. A second draft shook him from his slumber, bringing him instantly awake.


Cold air, it usually brought snow with it this time of year. Grinning ear to ear at this prospect, he leapt from bed and raced to the nearest window which, as it so happened, was just above Chip’s bed. There was snow! His tail twitched at the thought of it, still looking out the window. He was able to peer out of it with surprising ease, mostly due to the fact that he was standing on Chip’s head. Less than amused by his rude awakening, his head burrowed into his pillow, Chip drummed his fingers impatiently on his bedding as he waited for Dale to get down.


Eventually, it dawned upon Dale that he wasn’t normally able to look out this window so easily, nor did he recall the bed beneath his feet being so fuzzy and knotted. He looked down and saw his impatient roommate acting as his improvised step ladder. He jumped down to the floor and cast an apologetic look at Chip.


“What’s the matter with you?” Chip squeaked out, grabbing Dale by the chest and quickly slapping him across the face a few times. “Didn’t you see me sleeping down there?”


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