Peter Cullen vs Jim Cummings - June 29, 2011 by Ducky

A Challenger Appears…


Battle of the Jacks

Cullen vs Cummings


Who was the better Monterey Jack? Peter Cullen or Jim Cummings?


Voice your opinion in the comments
Voice your opinion in the comments

to hear the side-by-side comparison…


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September 2008 Featured Artist: Cornflake - June 24, 2011 by Ducky

CnDO Featured Artist Flashback

Chip ‘n’ Dale Online’s Featured Artist of September 2008 was: Cornflake!

Cornflake joined the Chip ‘n’ Dale Online community in July of 2008, immediately impressing us with a beautiful piece of art, which we like to refer to as: The Ladies.

Cornflake The Ladies

The full, high resolution version of the image as well as the rest of anything else Cornflake may share with us in the future is available for viewing in the Community Gallery.

Great work, Cornflake, and thank you for continuing to be such a valued member of this community.

Are you interested in having your artwork or stories featured here? Register now and start submitting your work to the Community Gallery. Posting regularly on the forums will also help get your work noticed.

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Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers comic #8 – FINAL - June 19, 2011 by Ducky

Final Issue of Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers Coming Soon

Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers #8 will be the last issue in the comic series by Kaboom! Studios (aka Boom! Studios for kids).   Here’s the summary currently displayed on Kaboom’s catalog page:

Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers 8

Chip ‘N’ Dale Rescue Rangers #08 (Cover A)

Availability: Not yet released.


Writer(s): Ian Brill
Artist(s): Leonel Castellani

Everything is connected. Nothing is an accident. And in this cataclysmic conclusion to “Slipping Through the Cracks,” Chip ‘n’ Dale and the Rescue Rangers learn that a shadowy foe has been manipulating their every move! But who is responsible, and why? Find out why sometimes some crimes go slipping through the cracks and which two gumshoes are picking up the slack!

Diamond Code: MAY110943


The catalog also provides a link to a not-yet-released page for the trade paperback version of the comic.  It shows a listed price of $14.99.   Hopefully Boom! publishes enough of these to satisfy all of the Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers and Disney Afternoon fans out there who weren’t able to order some of the earlier issues.

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Bryce Reviews: Gadget in Chains - June 15, 2011 by Bryce
Gadget in Pain: A Review of Loneheart’s Angsty Epic, Gadget in Chains

By: Bryce
Wherefore Gadget in Chains?

 For my first fanfic review, I’m going to analyze Loneheart’s Gadget in Chains. Why choose this particular fanfic? Because I hate it. It embodies everything that is wrong with angsty fanfiction driven by its appeal to the author’s own perverted mind, and yet it is undoubtedly the pinnacle of its art. Gadget in Chains is a work of dark and twisted genius, from which one cannot easily look away. One admires it against the protestations of the conscience, sort of like Riefenstahl’s Triumph des Willens.


One of the first things you will notice about Gadget in Chains is that it is long. Really, really long. In fact, it’s almost twice as long as Moby-Dick, or over four times as long as Moby-Dick.


The Man Behind the Madness


Gadget in Chains is the magnum opus of Loneheart, supposedly an unpublished writer turned calling center employee. I don’t know if that’s a factual biography or not, but he’s undoubtedly the Adolf Wölfli of Rescue Rangers fanfiction. It took seven years to write Gadget in Chains; you can read it on in a somewhat shorter period of time.

Alternately, on the Acorn Cafe you can find a version edited to comply with their restrictions on content. This version is much more succinct and has a good bit less in the way of fan (dis)service, you can get a copy here.

As mentioned previously, the contents seem to be largely dictated by appeal to the writer and it gets rather repetitive. One could be forgiven for thinking that the work was an attempt to refine prose descriptions of Gadget being strip-searched or beaten to high art. I’ll be honest, just reading some of this made me really uncomfortable. For the sake of brevity, and also because this is an illustrated review and I’d rather dislike earning myself a spot on a certain particularly infamous Encyclopedia Dramatica article, I’m going to skip most of that.


Still, Gadget is on the receiving end of so much suffering in this story that one gets the impression that the author originally meant to write a much shorter story, Gadget in Pains, wherein the titular mouse gets stuck on a glue board and must gnaw off her own leg to escape (and, probably, her clothing as well, since this is Loneheart we’re talking about), but then he saw The Shawshank Redemption.

Speaking of which, Gadget in Chains is laden with references to prison movies and literature; for example it has a lot more in common with Les Misérables than just the obvious facts that Gadget and Jean Valjean share a prisoner number and that both books are really long. This is by no means a bad thing; in fact, finding references was probably the most fun I had reading it. Then again, that’s probably just the kind of person I am.


Read the Rest of the Article…

BOOM! CDRR Comics Cancelled - June 5, 2011 by Ducky

In case you missed the forum post, CnDO member Malicia MaCawber has informed us that BOOM! will not continue to publish the Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers comics, ending the series with issue #8.

This is a sad day for Rescue Rangers fans, who had been treated to their first taste of fresh original official CDRR content since the TV series was cancelled back in the early 90s.


The only mention of this on the BOOM! studios website is in the forums, where a subscriber asked why CDRR was absent from the titles scheduled to be shipping in August 2011.  The reason given was  that issue #8 was to be the last issue “for the time being,” and that there were no plans to continue the series.  There has yet to be an official announcement explaining why the series was cancelled; all we know is that it will be replaced by the DuckTales comic in their publishing schedule.


Rescue Rangers #7 Cover A


 In other news, Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers issue #7 is now available… better pick it up while you still can, before the CDRR comics are out of print.



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Coming soon! Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers #06 - April 21, 2011 by Ducky

Coming soon from BOOM! Studios…  


Rescue Rangers 6 Cover AChip ‘N’ Dale Rescue Rangers #06

 Availability: Not yet released.

Writer(s): Ian Brill
Artist(s): Leonel Castellani

No crimes go slipping through the cracks in this issue of RESCUE RANGERS! A rich businessmouse begs for help tracking down his kidnapped daughter, but Chip ‘n’ Dale smell a rat. Actually, they smell a bunch of rats! And when NINJA PORCUPINES join the mix, things can’t get any worse for everybody’s favorite furry flatfoots! Another not-to-be-missed issue written by DARKWING DUCK’s Ian Brill and MARVEL SUPER HERO SQUAD’s Leonel Castellani!



Wow, Ninja Porcupines!  How will the Rangers ever escape?  Oh, by the way, is it just me, or does Cover A look a little like something from the Chipmunk Adventure? 


Chipmunk Adventure


Maybe it’s just me…

 Wrong Chipmunk Pictured: Wrong Chipmunk



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BOOM! no longer publishing classic Disney comics? - April 21, 2011 by Ducky

Donald Duck and Friends

According to the UK entertainment website Digital Spy, BOOM! Studios may no longer be publishing comics based on classic Disney licenses such as Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and Uncle Scrooge.


A listing of upcoming issues in the Diamond Comic Distributors Previews catalog for July suggests that BOOM! will continue to publish other Disney titles such as Darkwing Duck and Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers. 



So far these are unconfirmed rumors.  BOOM! Studios has yet to confirm or comment on this, and so far there is no mention in their official blog of the classic Disney series disappearing.







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Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers Comic #5 - April 7, 2011 by Ducky

BOOM! Studios is pushing them out faster than we can keep up!   The new comic book series is already up to issue #05, and it looks like the Rescue Rangers are finding themselves tied up again (bad news for Rangers fan JEANYLASER!)

 Here’s the latest news from BOOM!

NEW READER FRIENDLY. A NEW STORY ARC BEGINS! Join DARKWING DUCK writer Ian Brill and MARVEL SUPER HERO SQUAD artist Leonel Castellani for the return of your favorite furry flatfoots in this all-new original ongoing series! Who or what are the Danger Rangers? We don’t even know, and we’re putting out the book! There’s only one way to find out, and that’s in Part One of a brand new arc of the critically acclaimed fan-favorite series, “Slipping Through The Cracks!”

Order it today!



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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie’s Bow-tique - January 24, 2011 by Josh Clinton
by Josh Clinton – February 27, 2010


If it seems like every month Disney releases around 5-10 DVDs that target a wide range of people. You have old classics being remastered, new feature films fresh out, and various television shows getting whole seasons or a select number of episodes on DVD as well. It seems like Disney has the market cornered on almost every age group. From toddlers to older teenagers, and everything in between, there is a series of Disney DVDs for you out there. The crown jewel for the pre-school age group is Disney’s television series Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I have talked about this series many times before, and yep, it’s time to talk about the latest DVD release, Minnie’s Bow-tique.


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie’s Bow-Tique is Disney’s eighth Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD that has been released. There are four 24-minute episodes that are loosely tied together by having Minnie as the central character. They all come from season two of the series, but one episode, “Minnie’s Pajama Party”, has never been aired before on television. In the main episode with the same name as this DVD, “Minnie’s Bow-Tique,” Minnie opens a new store that sells only bows. But these aren’t just ordinary bows. Some of them can do some pretty extraordinary things. Her butterfly bows can flutter and fly, and her Photo Bow can take pictures. For males, she even sells bow-ties. All is good until one day when Pete comes in looking for a bow for his aunt. Pete is a little embarrassed, and wants to remain unseen. This leads to a lot of clumsy accidents and a big mess that viewers have to help Minnie clean up. Other episodes featured on this DVD set have Minnie inviting everyone over for a pajama party, helping out a new friend Buzz Buzz The Bee find his way back to his home flower, and then setting up a picnic for everyone.


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Rescue Rangers Comic #02 - January 12, 2011 by Ducky

Here’s info on the second issue, now available through BOOM! Comics:

 Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers #02

 Writer: Ian Brill
Pencils: Leonel Castellani

 It’s the return of your favorite furry flatfoots in an all-new original ongoing series! When all the furry denizens in the four corners of the globe turn feral, it’s up to the world’s most daring diminutive detectives to solve the mystery. But will there be dissension in the team when they learn that one of the Rangers hold a secret about Gadget’s past that could unlock the entire case?

 Join DARKWING DUCK writer Ian Brill and MARVEL SUPERHERO SQUAD artist Leonel Castellani for part 2 of “Worldwide Rescue,” brought to you by BOOM! Studios and the Disney Afternoon Revolution!

 Another cover for the second issue (featuring Fat Cat):

 It looks like Boom! is not just pulling their source material from the series, but from the video games as well:

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