Review: Rescue Rangers #1 (via PopMatters) - January 6, 2011 by Ducky

Pop Culture website has posted a review on the first issue of the new Rescue Rangers comic books. Due to contractual obligations, we cannot post the review in full here, but here’s an excerpt with a link to the full article.

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Quote Originally Posted by James Orbesen

Written by Ian Brill, the same man behind the surprisingly good Darkwing Duck comic, and penciled by artist Leonel Castellani, the comic wastes no time in hitting the ground running. Chip ‘N’ Dale: Rescue Rangers catalogues the adventures of Chip, Dale, Gadget, Monterey Jack and Zipper during their quest for a cure to an unknown illness that is causing their fellow animal inhabitants to act a bit wild, in one scene almost turning zombie-like. Interspersed with flashbacks, very apropos, the series also looks to develop the titular Rescue Rangers a bit more as characters than their after school timeslot allowed.

The comic itself is a bit hard to follow at times. Strange cuts and abrupt shifts without the necessary transitions are jarring to say the least. The book opens with a very effective flashback that is later touched on to great effect, but midway through the Rescue Rangers encounter a bit of difficulty in their journey and plummet over a waterfall. This is laced with a quick cut that makes it very unclear if this is a flashback or a flash-forward or perhaps a misprint and this segment was meant to be included earlier in the story.

The rest of the review can be read here:

“The Best Laid Schemes…”: Chip ‘N’ Dale Rescue Rangers #1 By James Orbesen…cue-rangers-1/

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Winter CnDOTC Winner: Nuts About Winter by t.s. - March 3, 2010 by Ducky

And now for the story that won the Winter 09 Chip ‘n’ Dale Online Talent Contest:

Nuts About Winter

by t.s.

Winter morning, the sun slowly rising over the horizon, wisps of smoke fluttering from the houses in the neighborhood bringing with them the woody aroma familiar to the season.  The crisp winter air would get your attention if not properly bundled up; an unfortunate fact soon realized by two chipmunks.


A draft blew in through the front hole in their tree and swirled about their home. Chip took little notice of it, merely burrowing further into his covers, but Dale, the one with the red nose, had tossed his aside in his sleep. His teeth buck teeth chattered involuntarily as he reached in vain for the missing covers. A second draft shook him from his slumber, bringing him instantly awake.


Cold air, it usually brought snow with it this time of year. Grinning ear to ear at this prospect, he leapt from bed and raced to the nearest window which, as it so happened, was just above Chip’s bed. There was snow! His tail twitched at the thought of it, still looking out the window. He was able to peer out of it with surprising ease, mostly due to the fact that he was standing on Chip’s head. Less than amused by his rude awakening, his head burrowed into his pillow, Chip drummed his fingers impatiently on his bedding as he waited for Dale to get down.


Eventually, it dawned upon Dale that he wasn’t normally able to look out this window so easily, nor did he recall the bed beneath his feet being so fuzzy and knotted. He looked down and saw his impatient roommate acting as his improvised step ladder. He jumped down to the floor and cast an apologetic look at Chip.


“What’s the matter with you?” Chip squeaked out, grabbing Dale by the chest and quickly slapping him across the face a few times. “Didn’t you see me sleeping down there?”


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Winter 2009 Contest Winners - February 22, 2010 by Ducky

Ducky: It’s 2010 and the results of the Winter 2009 contest are finally in!

Light: LOL

Ducky: What’s so funny?

Light: It’s like you have a contest and everyone has to wait “until next year” to get the results.

Ducky: Well, it’s not like you were much help. Light: I have a busy life.

Alain: Hai guys. People are waiting. Bicker later.

Ducky: Right, anyway… Yes, a new year and a new winner.  Actually, because we had such a good turnout this time around, we have three winners!  Dim the lights!

Chatbot: The lights would be dimmed if this was a bunch of people playing make believe, but it’s not. There is no stage. There are no lights.  This is text.

Ducky: Sigh. Fine, fine… whatever… Here we go:


The 1st place winner of the CNDOTC Winter 2009 is… t.s.!!


t.s. really won the judges over with his classic Chip ‘n’ Dale inspired story, “Nuts About Winter.”  Here are some of the judges’ comments:

* His classic-themed “fan fiction” is the breath of fresh air I’ve been waiting for, and one of the only pieces of fan fiction I’ve seen that is based on the classic shorts and not CDRR. I also enjoyed the inclusion of Donald’s nephews, a lethal combination of foes for Donald that even Disney didn’t think to use. * I could almost imagine this story occurring as an official Disney cartoon in my head. * Pretty funny and the quality of the writing is good if not excellent.

For his winning entry, t.s. will be receiving a $30 Amazon gift card, as well as a banner for his signature (to be provided later) and a custom forum rank title of his choosing.   Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us, t.s., and we all look forward to further contributions from you.


Our second place winner is also a writer – congratulations to CD for yet another surprisingly charming story.  This is what the judges had to say about “Chipmas & Daletide”

* One of the most corny entries of the bunch, CD’s entry had me smiling all the way through. I love everything he writes, as long as everyone keeps their clothes on.

* Fairly entertaining and builds good connections to canon.

* CD and Christmas Carols seems as if it would be a disaster and it is, a disaster that is either brilliance or unintentional hilarity. Most of the lyrics are bad, yet the reactions and attitude of Chip make everything work to near perfection.

For his entry, CD will also receive a signature banner and a custom title of his choice.


And third place goes to Live2Dream for her adorable picture titled Snow fun with Chip and Dale

* The composition and coloring are good and it is funny… it’s easily the best of the pictures technically.

* This is one of the first drawings I’ve seen from her, and I’m duly impressed.  She managed to capture the essence of Chip and Dale’s relationship and the way they interact with each other.

Live2Dream will receive a banner to show off in her signature.


Thank you to everyone who entered the contest and also to our mystery guest judges for helping us determine our winners.  Congratulations, everyone!

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Welcome to Chip ‘n’ Dale Online - January 10, 2006 by Ducky

Welcome to the new Chip ‘n’ Dale Online – a site by fans, for fans.  This is to be the ultimate resource for Chip ‘n’ Dale fans, a database of all things Chip ‘n’ Dale and Rescue Ranger related.  All visitors to the site are encouraged to register for membership and help us make this site the best that it can be. We’re always looking for new contributors, so if you think you have something to add,  please join us and share your knowledge!


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