Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers

Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers

 Premiered on Disney: Aug 27, 1988 – Sep 1989.
Syndicated: September 1989.
65 Episodes, 30 min each (including commercials)
A Walt Disney Television Animation Production.

Starring: Corey Burton, Peter Cullen, Jim Cummings, Tress MacNeille, Rob Paulsen.
Directed By: John Kimball, Bob Zamboni, Jamie Mitchell, Rick Leon.
Theme Song Music/Lyrics By: Mark Mueller
Musical Score By: Glen Daum for Score Productions
Animation Production By: TMS Entertainment Inc.

Following the enormous success of its number-one-rated daily animated series Ducktales, Walt Disney introduced this first-run, half-hour syndicated animated companion featuring chipmunk favorites Chip and Dale in cliffhanger stories filled with mystery and intrigue, Indiana Jones-style. The fast-talking, ever-squabbling pair are heads of a small eccentric group of animal characters who solve cases that lead to bigger crimes with far-reaching consequences.

After enjoying a one season run on the Disney Channel in 1988-89, the 65-episode series was syndicated as part of the Disney Afternoon two-hour block in September of 1989.

The Rescue Rangers

Chip: The brave leader of the Rescue Rangers, resembles a pint-sized Indiana Jones. He is by far the most practical member of the team and his loyalty to the others never wavers, even if Dale does try his patience at times.

Dale: He is much more exciteable than Chip, a fact reflected in his fondness for garish red-and-yellow Hawaiian shirts. He also has a fondness for comic books, science fiction and tall stories in general.

Gadget: The Rescue Rangers’ brilliant inventor and only female member. The daughter of one of Monty’s late friends, she is absent-minded and clumsy at times, but her creative intellect can always be counted on to get the team out of any jam.

Montery Jack: Known to his friends as Monty, he is the eldest of the Rescue Rangers andwas an explorer before he joined up with Chip and Dale. He has an addiction to cheese, which sometimes lands himself and the others in trouble.

Zipper: A fly who hung round with Monty on his pre-Ranger travels, he is the smallest Rescue Ranger. But what he lacks in size he more than makes up for in courage.


Reoccurring Bad Guys

Fat Cat
: As his name suggests, he is an overweight cat who used to belong to the first human villian the Rangers ever put behind bars. He is greedy, arrogant and short-tempered and is forever looking for some means of dominating the world.
Meps, Wart, Mole and Snout: These are Fatcat’s stooges, his own little flea-bitten mafia. Meps is also a cat, while Wart, Mole and Snout are a lizard, a mole and a rat respectively.

Professor Nimnul: A crazed human professor who is forever coming up with new devices with which to dominate the world, all of which fail miserably. The Rangers first meet him during his attempt to generate electricity using hundreds of cats.

Partial Character Bios derived from: TV .com

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